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Why do Black Guys have larger black penises than white guys?

  • You may have heard that women love black penis? It is correct up to some extent, because some women like a bigger penis. Generally, people have an opinion that black guys have a larger penis than white guys. But is it true or just a saying? 

    Today, we will discuss the large black penis to clarify whether a black guy has a bigger penis than a white guy. If it is so, then what are the possible reasons

Facts about Huge Black penis

When we discuss penis size, we have heard many times that black men have big penises. The reason behind that saying is that most of us see the giant black penis in porn movies. 

We do not have enough knowledge of whether it is true that every black man has a long penis or not. Pornography only shows us the large black penises to make their movies more interesting. 

So, without comparing the general population’s penises sizes, we can not say that it is true that black men have larger penises. Maybe a black man around you has a small black penis

Some people also say they have seen big white penises, but they are not larger than black penises. Most people worldwide believe that black guys have a massive black penis, so if it is true, black men have a bigger penis than white men.

Body size

It is expected that your body size, such as taller height, wider chest, large feet, and hands that make you a strong man, typically assumes that you should have a longer penis. Healthy guys are assumed to have a bigger penis than the average size of the penis.

Most black men are taller and have wider chests and longer hands, so it is assumed that they may have huge black penis due to their body size. 

While white guys are generally smaller and have softer bodies than the black men, it is assumed that white guys have smaller dicks than black men.

But experts have a different opinion. They say there is not much connection between a taller, muscular body and the size of the penis. 

The actual thing is genetics; the size of the penis is connected with genetics. Many black and white men even have shorter heights but have a longer penis.

Location as a Fact

A survey was conducted about the larger penises and the top ten countries were selected. There are 6 countries out of those ten countries that have a dominant black population. Men in Bolivia have the longest penis, up to 7 inches.

But a survey for the opposite shows that countries with smaller penis men have an average size of 4 to 5 inches and are white. 

The list of those top ten countries includes all the white men, the dominant population. So it may be true that black men have larger penises than white men as the location goes.

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Physical exercise as a Fact

It is also noticed that with more physical exercise, your overall health remains good. It ensures a good supply of blood in the penis and surrounding areas. It ensures better growth of the penis. 

From the ancient times, black men were found as hardworking men in the world. They were kept as slaves; they did more work than the white men. Due to more exercise and physical activities, their health remains better than the white guys.

So, due to more exercise and physical activities, black men have a stronger body and a big black penis than white guys. 

Culture as a fact

The size of the penis may also be connected with the culture. Have you ever noticed that Greek and Roman naked statues have small penises? Culturally, Greek and Roman people believe that an erect and long penis was barbaric. 

But on the other side, the scenario is different. Native African tribes have different beliefs about penis sizes. They believe the big penis means fruitful years and fertile lands. 

So tribes choose the man who had a large penis to hold him at a higher place in the tribe. Always, a man with a massive black penis led the tribe.

You may assume from that myth that a black African man has a firmly erect black penis. But it is only an understanding by the Africans. There is no evidence that every African black man has a giant black penis. You may find many Africans with a longer penis, but there is a chance that many black Africans have a small black penis.

Genetics as a Fact 

Among all the reasons, the most trusted and reliable fact that we have found is genetics. Indeed, many black men have longer penises. But not every black man needs to have a longer penis. 

The primary factor is genetics; if a family has a long penis, most of the men in that family have a long penis. It does not matter what color, because many white guys are found to have a longer penis, even up to 7 inches. Many black guys were also found with small black penis.

So the size of the penis heavily depends on genetic factors and little on all other factors. There are more chances that a man has a big penis due to genetic factors instead of his skin color.

What is the average size of a penis?

Many men find they have sized up to 7 inches, while others have only 3 inches with a full erection. But the average erect penis size ranges between 5 to 5.5 inches. Studies also reveal that many men wish to have a longer penis. 


  • The world is full of myths and sayings, but it does not mean every saying is correct. It is a general opinion that black guys have bigger black penis than white guys. It may be corrected up to some extent, but it is not hundred percent true.

    Multiple factors affect the size of the penis, such as physical activities, location, body size, culture, and genetics. But among all these, genetics is a stronger fact than all others. 

    There are more chances that a man has a big penis due to genetic effects instead of skin color.

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