Dirty talking on the phone can be a wonderful way to maintain long distance relationships. It can also be a simple and thrilling thing for any one at all to try.

Sex can be zippy and spontaneous, requiring nothing more than two willing partners with a little bit of time to spare. However, preparing for the fun by loading up on sex-based equipment can, at times, be a wonderful idea. Lubricant products, for example, can keep the sex smooth, and this can reduce the risk that a man will walk away with an irritated, sore penis when the encounter is over. Using lubricants isn't without risk, however, as some products can interfere with a man's chemistry or his long-range plans. Understanding the benefits and the drawbacks of these personal products can help a man make an informed decision about whether or not lubrication should be part of his penis health toolkit.

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Sex is a pleasant and gratifying experience. But due to unsafe sex with infected people, you may bring many problems in your life. There are a number of sexual diseases causing several physical and mental distresses. Prevention is always better than cure, so always go for a safe sex and avoid multiple partners.

The skin, like all of the other organs of the body, requires sufficient amounts of water to function at its best. Lack of adequate hydration can result in skin that is dry, wrinkled-looking, and unattractive. Taking steps to ensure the right level of hydration, like drinking plenty of fluids, is necessary to avoid damage like this.

The implant does the same thing as the pill and works by changing the woman's hormones. Where the implant is different however is that it sits permanently in your arm releasing those hormones steadily. This means you can't 'forget' your pill, though it is more painful and invasive than swallowing a tablet. The implant lasts a few years before needing to be replaced, but can be removed early.

First at the top of the list, Chlamydia. This is a bacterial infection that is one of the most common of the common STDs. Chlamydia frequently goes undetected in both men and women because many who are infected never have any symptoms. To complicate matters even more, if symptoms do occur, it doesn't usually happen until 1 to 3 weeks after you've been exposed to the bacteria. Those who do develop symptoms associated with this disease may experience a discharge from the vagina or penis, pain or burning when urinating, pain during sexual intercourse, and lower abdominal pain. Pain may occur in the testicles, but it's uncommon. Chlamydia can be transmitted through any form of sex: vaginal, anal, and oral.